How to report bugs and provide feedback


Hello Particle Workbench users :wave:

We greatly value your feedback - to help us better diagnose and fix your issue as quickly as possible, here’s what you can do:

  1. Search in the community for similar reports - often times your question will have already been asked and answered
  2. Create a new topic / thread and include the “[ISSUE]” prefix - this will help us quickly differentiate bug reports from general questions / discussion
  3. Verify you are using the latest versions of VSCode & Particle Workbench - there’s a decent chance we’ve already fixed your issue. Here’s how to update extensions and how to update VSCode
  4. Please provide clear steps to reproduce your issue - what chain of events lead to the issue? what happened? what did you expect would happen?
  5. Include an Environment Audit Report - run the Particle: Audit Environment command (docs: 1, 2) and include the nonsensitive portions in your issue details

Thanks for using Workbench and thanks for helping us make it better for everyone :pray:

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