Folder path cannot include whitespace! particle

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I'm sure this has been discussed, but why is this even an issue? "Folder path cannot include whitespace!" The path is to my Onedrive. How do I get around this? I'd rather not rename anything in the folder path... Thank you. Almost got started... Screeching breaks%#@#@%.
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There is no workaround for this.

The problem is that the build process relies on GNU make, and it absolutely does not work with directories that contain a space. They're adamant that directory names should not contain a space, and would not merge a pull request to add that capability, even if someone were to write it.


I am so frustrated with this issue that I am moving all new projects from Particle to :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I had to create a separate Windows account with a username that doesn't have a space. Installed VS Code and Workbench. The problem is, all of my development notes, etc. are in my primary Windows account, so I have to constantly switch between the accounts. WASTE OF MY TIME.

Is it not possible to share folders across users in Win?
Or maybe sharing your development notes via Google drive or dropbox or something alike?

This is not a Particle thing: We run into this all the time at my day job where the IT people decided that our OneDrive directories should be called "OneDrive - CompanyName" with two spaces and a hyphen! There are lots and lots of tools from the Unix world that just cannot deal with this.

I move stuff to my C:/ drive on Windows to work on it as a work-around.