Particle Updates

Any Particle announcements or special hangouts, such as Particle Matter and Particle Interactions, will be posted here.

Getting Started

Getting started with using the Particle devices, making or programming


Questions and discussions about the hardware aspects of the Particle devices, shields and accessories.

Cloud Software

Questions and discussions regarding the Cloud, API and networking software.

Project Share

Share ideas, code and stories about Particle based projects.

Particle Mesh

Welcome to the Particle Mesh category for our third generation of IoT dev kits, powered by Particle Mesh. For information about Particle Mesh ready hardware, visit


The beta category is a place where feedback and conversations about Particle beta programs occur.


When there is no other category, General is the way to go.


This category is for how-tos and tutorials for the Particle devices and related projects.


If you're having trouble with your Particle device or the Particle Cloud, here's the place to get help.


Questions and discussion about the system software that runs on the Particle device itself.


Discussions of iOS and Android applications for Particle, particularly those involving the Mobile SDK.


Welcome to Particle’s discussion board for teachers, students, schools, universities and learners of all kinds!


Use the Libraries category to discuss porting existing Arduino/Wiring libraries to the Particle device. Be sure to put the name of the library in the topic title. So that everyone can find the latest information on a particular library, try to keep one topic per library.

Raspberry Pi

This is a category of the Particle community forums reserved for conversation about Raspberry Pi compatibility with the Particle ecosystem!


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Kickstarter topics!

Product Creation

From Prototype to Production: How to build a connected product using Particle OS as your connectivity and messaging platform. Particle OS is designed to scale with your project. Leverage our development kits for proof of concept and prototyping and as you being designing for production, move to our modules.


Welcome to Particle + IFTTT! This category has been created to share ideas, feedback and recipes related to the IFTTT Particle Channel.


Particle will post a weekly poll in this category. It could be super whimsical, like your favorite color! It could be semi-serious, like your preferred programming language for microcontrollers!

Community Resources

A place for the discussion of non-forum community resources, such as the docs, developer Slack, developer Trello, IRC, and more.