File paths with spaces in Particle Workbench

I just spent a bit of time helping a student with what appeared to be a cryptic error message, and we believe that it was because there was a space in the path. If that is indeed a limitation, is there anyway that, when creating a new project, Workbench could warn the user about this, or even refuse to create the project (since it won't build)?

On Linux and Mac, you cannot have a space in the path when doing local compile. A cloud compile should work. Usernames with spaces, which cause a space in the home directory path, also cause problems.

Since August 2023, spaces in paths under Windows should work even with local compile. Since February 2024 (recently), spaces in Windows usernames should work.

This is because the build tools including GNU make do not support pathnames with spaces. It works on Windows because space-containing names are converted to 8.3 paths which do not contain spaces.

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Thanks, @rickkas7, that's very helpful. I'll tell my student (who is on Windows) to upgrade their OS. I still like the idea of the system warning macOS and Linux users about the problem, rather than have users discover it and have to ferret out the issue.

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