Updating from v1.3.x to v1.4.1 (or greater)

hey all :wave:

due to an unfortunate bug, it seems the clean up script added to better facilitate uninstalling Particle Workbench back in v1.3.0 is also being run on normal extension updates (details)

if you are upgrading from v1.3.x you will notice that your ~/.particle/toolchains directory is removed after the update - here’s what you need to do to get things back in working order:

  1. after updating Particle Workbench extensions, close and re-open VSCode
  2. open a Particle project folder
  3. if prompted to install dependencies, click “install” and wait for the process to complete
  4. run the Particle: Reset Environment command and wait for it to complete
  5. run the Particle: Audit Environment command and confirm the localCompiler section of the report shows "ok": true for all items.

sincere apologies for the bumps - please chime in here if the above steps do not resolve the issue.