'Your local build appears to be dirty' on every VSCode restart

Every time VSCode is restarted we’re getting the same dialog appear stating: “Your local build appears to be dirty. Clean?”. Is this behavior expected?

This occurs with the latest version of the Workbench Core VSCode extension (1.13.6) and device OS 3.0.0.rc2.

Hi Tej, I noticed this error too from time to time and I have no clue what leads to it.

@m_m would you be able to explain this?

If you click the stop checking button does the dialog go away on subsequent restarts?

If you want you can view the relevant code in the Workbench source: ~/.vscode/extensions/particle.particle-vscode-core-1.13.6/

In src/commands/lib/check-device-os-is-dirty.js the getDirtyProjects() function is used to find “dirty” projects.

This leads to the isDirty() function in src/lib/project.js which seems to check for a platform-* directory in ~/.particle/toolchains/deviceOS/3.0.0-rc.2/build/target/wiring