WPA2 Enterprise - Costs to develop?

My understanding is the the Photon and will not immediately support Enterprise networks. I am wondering if anyone is willing to develop for Pay to help expedite this functionality? In the end, I would also want to share this with spark and its community.

I’m in the trial stage of a start-up and will need this to access hospital networks.



@wesner0019, I think this might have to do with hardware limitation if i am not wrong but @mdma is the best person or even @AndyW to take this question :wink:

I believe the hardware is capable since there are 3rd party solutions that add WPA Enterprise to the WICED stack. This is very much outside of our influence a good place to start is signing up to the WICED WiFI community and searching there for WPA Enterprise solutions.

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@mdma, just checked in with the WICED community. In their forms they are saying they have plans for it, just not sure when. I also noticed they released the SDK 3.3.1 as of July 10th.

Do you know what platform the P1 is? Any of the below?

The wifi module in the P1 Is the BCM43362A2. This is the same as the P0/Photon.

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I am also stuck with my project which requires WPA2 Enterprise connectivity and the chip is not connecting over to it. Did you find any solution regarding that ?


I have not found a solution yet. It seems that this is a result due to waiting on broadcom to implement it


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I am going to raise this thing to bigger community as this is a huge issues for any enterprise usage. In this case this whole platform can only be used by hobbyist, students etc etc but we will never see the real time application for enterprise.

We need to push this thing to Spark core team.


Does Raspbery pi2 does support the WPA2 - Enterprise WIFI?

@mdma - Any news on whether Enterprise is on the development horizon?

WPA Enterprise support is high on our list of firmware priorities, along with IPv6 and AP mode. For Enterprise support, we are waiting for the latest SDK from Broadcom which we understand has Enterprise support.

Thanks. If you had to guess… would you say 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or longer?

I’d think and hope that HIPAA policy applied to health care enterprise networks would be such that no DIY or small device can connect to the network unless screened, certified, blah, blah. The exception is the guest/patient device WiFi network but that’s not under HIPAA IT policy as it is independent or VLANed away from the HIPAA-compliant networks.

Each health care organization will have a different interpretation of HIPAA, and some are far more stringent than others.

I have beta access to the next WICED SDK - 3.5.1, although on first inspection I didn’t find any evidence that it supports Enterprise authentication. I have asked for clarification on that.

For a timeframe, I’m unable to say with the information I’ve been given so far. We want this too, so I hope sooner rather than later! I’ve asked again for the current/planned state of Enterprise support in WICED. As soon as the WiFi firmware provides support, we will integrate that into the Photon/P0/P1 which I’d estimate to take less than a month.

As always, as soon as I hear anything concrete, I’ll let you know.


I can’t ask for more than that! :wink: Thanks @mdma

This is also a very important issue for us as many of our users will be based at universities where these networks are standard. Do you have an update @mdma?

Hi mdma !!

Any update on WPA2 implementation?


We have tried using the WICED SDK 3.3.1 which Broadcom claim has early WPA Enterprise support, but we have not been successful in getting that working. Full support is available in WICED SDK 3.5.2, for which we are waiting on a permissive license from Broadcom.

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Thanks for update @mdma.