WPA2 Enterprise - Costs to develop?

Hi mdma !!

Any other update permissive license from Broadcom?

Just FYI: we have been waiting for long time to implement PHOTON in enterprise environment.


Same here, my team is waiting for an update to deploy Photon-based products at university.

Did you finally get the licence from Broadcom for WICED SDK 3.5.2? :smile: Thanks for keeping us updated.

Any progress on getting WPA2 Enterprise support? I have a project that would be great to deploy into an environment where WPA2 Enterprise support is required.

No news yet, sorry. We raised the issue again with Broadcom recently and did get a response, so hopefully things will continue moving forward.

Just want to give a nod in agreement here. I work for a company that is about to deploy LOTS of Raspberry Pi 3s to do things that a bunch of Photons with Enterprise Wi-Fi could do a lot better and less expensively.

We’re all kind of shrugging our shoulders because we really do not want to add all these Linux machines to the network. Nothing against Linux, it just needs maintenance and patching and all the things full operating systems need. The Photon does not.

So, you know. Whenever you can.


Sorry to spam here, but still no news? We love your products and would be so happy to deploy our projects without gateways at university.


If I may reiterate DurandA’s ‘sorry (for the) spam here’. May I also please ask if there have been any developments? I am hoping to setup a cluster of Photons on a university network and I believe this is the only hurdle. Many Thanks,


Just followed up again with our contacts at Broadcom today–hoping for a resolution shortly. Will write back with more information when we have it!


I want to just say that this Particle platform, and the Photon device are literally the perfect platform for many/all of my IoT use cases at my employer. The lone showstopper being WPA2-Enterprise support.

Particle, you cannot get this support in quickly enough. :smile: I realize that my own need does not necessitate a priority change for you or Broadcom, I just wanted to say that. It’s true!

Is there a way to incorporate WPA-Enterprise support via the sketch itself? Certificates or user/pass support are both fine. Or just one. Something. Please. hurry. I don’t want to buy 500 Raspberry Pis.


Hi @naikrovek,

Thanks! We agree! Having enterprise Wi-Fi support would be awesome, but it’s been pushed back a bit by other features / fixes / etc. If there was a lot of community interest in this feature, or a customer who was blocked by this / needed it for a large deployment, it would certainly help us bump it up the queue!

Edit: I have been informed that this was more of a broadcom licensing issue than an internal priority issue, oops! :slight_smile: Looks like maybe in the coming weeks / months, but Will would know best.


How long is shortly?


Yeah, I know. I just really need this functionality. Really need it. Literally can not happen quickly enough.


I’m in the same boat. This is the killer feature that is preventing me from using Photons.

I’m working on a project currently where the Photon would be a perfect fit, but without the EAP-PEAP support we’re going to have to go ahead with purchasing Raspberry Pis. I know we’re low volume but we’re planning to purchase at least 20 Photons (or Raspberry Pis) once we roll the system out.

I’m particularly looking for user/pass support as well.

Any news on WPA2 Enterprise?


Waiting for any update on WPA2 (Enterprise) support.

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As I understand it, Particle has been doing the same in regard to Broadcom/Cypress. They’ve repeatedly asked for permission to distribute WICED as such, but are still waiting for confirmation (as far as I’m aware). Believe me when I say they have been, and are working on this for a long time.

Perhaps @will can update us with the latest news (if any).

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Is there someone we can spam at Broadcom to help move the process along? :smile:

I’ve been pinging our contact at Cypress (Broadcom sold their IoT business) at least once a week since Jun 27…He’s in the right position in the company to accelerate this request, but we still don’t have what we need from them.

Based on his responses I think we’re close, but I can’t commit to a timeline until we have the license in hand.


Glad to hear Particle is staying in touch with Cypress regarding this. Any thoughts on what the timeline might look like after receiving the license?

Additionally I’d like to echo @thattolleyguy and ask if there’s anything we can do to help move this along.