[PHOTON] Enterprise network

Hi guys, I can’t connect my device to the internet on my Enterprise network. I read it was complicate on a post from 2014 and i want to know if that part was improve since that time or not ?

Thanks ^^


If you are talking about WPA2-Enterprise then it’s still not possible.

Hey there–Enterprise WPA was included in a previous WICED release from Broadcom, but we’re still working to get the permissive waiver from them to include it in our open source firmware stack. We will loudly celebrate this when it’s officially supported, so stay tuned for updates.


I was embarrassed to find out yesterday that the photon did not support WPA2-Enterprise when installing one at a customer site yesterday. It is great news to find out that it is still a possibility.

Thanks for yours answers guys !! Good luck for the Enterprise WPA !!

Thanks for being patient–just sent another ping today.

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Any news @will ?
Im also really waiting for this to happen… :slight_smile:

Hey there – we received a sample draft of the legal language for the permissive license but not yet a signed copy. That being said, it’s definite progress, and allows us to start prioritizing WPA Enterprise in our firmware development roadmap. Based on the complexity of the implementation and the fact that we’re pulling in code from WICED, though, this won’t be released as a new feature in firmware until 2017.


Would you be able to estimate whether it would be added to the firmware in the next couple months, or would it be several? I’m deploying a solution, hopefully using Photons, to a university soon that requires the devices connect using WPA2 Enterprise.

Edit: Will there be any sort of prerelease firmware that I could develop with?

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Hey @micah – our hope is we would have something available for you to test in the next couple of months, but that is pending actual implementation which may be simple or very complicated.

We can’t commit to a timeline, but we’ll be sure to post updates and code available for test to the community as soon as it’s ready!

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I’m glad it’s a possibility, keep up the great work, excited to see this happen!

WPA Enterprise support is here! Check out the latest pre-release firmware 0.7.0-rc.1 and setup instructions here:

Looking forward to discussion in the thread over there!