Does the Spark board support WPA2-Enterprise?

I haven’t seen anywhere what security protocols Spark supports, only that the network has to be b/g.


Hi @raiden00,

Good question! The CC3000 can support unencrypted, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 networks. I think enterprise security and certificate stuff isn’t supported on that radio module yet.


According to this thread on the ti forum, the CC3000 will not ever support WPA2 Enterprise.

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Thanks for the info!

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WPA Enterprise support is here! Check out the latest pre-release firmware 0.7.0-rc.1 and setup instructions here:

Looking forward to discussion in the thread over there!


I think WPA2 Enterprise is very important. What is the current status? Is it supported?

I want to connect Particle Photon using WPA2 Enterprise (PEAP). This authentication scheme does not use certificates, it’s based on identity, username and password. Different combinations of this should be available, example, in one of our networks we have WPA2 Enterprise PEAP with identity and password, and no Phase 2 authentication.

PEAP/MSCHAPv2 (username and password only) is supported in Photon/P1 system firmware 0.7.0 and later. Two caveats: You need to upgrade the devices first, as they typically ship with 0.5.x not 0.7.0. Also, you can only configure WPA2 Enterprise using the Particle CLI over USB at this time; it’s not supported by the mobile apps or the web-based setup yet.

Hi rickkas7, thanks for answering. Is it possible to select Phase 2 authentication as “None”? The phase 2 authentication can be one of the following: None, MSCHAPv2, GTC.

Unfortunately MSCHAPv2 is the only supported Phase 2 authentication. There isn’t support for PEAP/None at this time.

That’s fine. Do you know any code example? Thanks.