Particle in the Enterprise

We are in the process of getting the latest SDK from Broadcom, which I believe has Enterprise support. When that is delivered, we will have to figure out how to integrate Enterprise into our existing platform to make that available in a simple way.

Things are moving forward, at Enterprise speed. :smile:


This is a great news for all of us. We were waiting for Enterprise Security for a year and so. We have so many things which were stuck because of this.

Thanks Particle team and Matt !


Hooray and thanks! Any updates now for February?

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+1. WPA2-Enterprise is still a project stopper for a lot of initiatives. Any roadmap on that?

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Hi All,

Sorry about the delay here, we’ve been full steam on the Electron and haven’t been able to focus on this as you know. Now that the Electron is released, I’m hoping to bring this back up to near the top of our queue, and hopefully it’ll be fixed in the coming weeks.


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This post from @mdma says as of the latest Broadcom Beta there wasn’t WPA2-Enterprise support, and without that, WPA2-Enterprise can’t be added. @Dave do you have an update on WPA2-Enterprise support from Broadcom that hasn’t been posted here?

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You’re mis-quoting me a little :wink: I said that it didn’t look like it from an initial inspection, but that I would follow up with them.

have beta access to the next WICED SDK - 3.5.1, although on first inspection I didn’t find any evidence that it supports Enterprise authentication. I have asked for clarification on that.

The 3.3.1 SDK has apparently beta support for WPA Enterprise just EAP TLS iirc, and the latest SDK adds more authentication choices.


That’s good news! Sorry for the misquote.


Hi everyone,
thanks for the updates and for pushing to get this.
Are there any updates on the WPA2 support since then?


You mean WPA2-Enterprise, I guess, since WPA2 (-PSK) is already there :wink:

But for Enterprise no news tho’ :pensive:

Hi @ScruffR–is EAP support available now? I can’t find anything in the documentation mentioning it.


Nope, nothing new - but that’s due to Broadcom/Cypress WICED which Particle uses for the radio stack and can’t do a lot about.

Hey @mdma and @ScruffR , any update on WPA2-Enterprise support? There’s a whole market that we cannot tap until it arrives!

Thanks guys.

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Still nothing official, but @will might know more about the Broadcom/Cypress license side of that topic.

Hey folks! We’re now unblocked by Cypress and will begin investigating WPA Enterprise shortly. We can’t make any promises around the timeline of delivery, but will be sure to provide the community with updates if/when we have example usage that you can help us test!


YES! I came to do my monthly check on this expecting no progress and am extremely pleasantly surprised.

I look forward to testing this. My employer has crazy Wi-Fi setups.

Glad that you came back to ping us and glad you were pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Our current plan is to include WPA enterprise as the flagship feature for v070 – keep your eyes pealed for pre-releases!


In a university environment (eduroam) WPA-Enterprise support is essential. I can’t deploy without it.

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Any comment on what specific features will be supported?

I’m specifically looking for support for EAP-PEAP. :grinning:

I imagine it’ll support everything that the Broadcom WICED SDK supports, which is everything that a lot of mobile phones and a lot of tablets support (which is just about everything under the flippin’ sun.)