Unable to pair with new Boron

nvm, was finally able to fix it.

when re-pairing via the mobile app, i had to time it so that it was blinking blue while i scanned the QR code, otherwise it automatically would reconnect to the cloud even though no one and had claimed the device

Your the third person I’ve seen encounter this same setup issue.

@will Maybe a note should be added to the setup process to provide a less frustrating setup experience with the Borons.

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Connecting to the device should be done in listening mode (blinking blue), which you can get in by holding the Mode button for ~3 seconds.

That’s expected behavior. Claiming a device can only be done while it’s online and cloud connected.

Quite a few things were mentioned in the post above, what exactly were you referring to?

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A few people are having this issue:

Can’t talk for the Boron yet, but with Argon and Xenon, the mobile app did do quite a good job in leading me through the setup process step-by-step - as long I read and followed the instructions to the point.