Trouble connecting a xenon to the cloud

I’ve set up a mesh network with an Argon. I have tried setting up two Xenon’s to the network with no luck. The scanning of the devices works fine, I’ve followed all directions regarding setting the Argon to blink blue, as an assisting device. I get as far as entering in my password for the network. Then it gets hung up on “starting a secure session with the particle device cloud via gateway.” I get this error " Your device could not connect to Device Cloud. Please try again." Thanks for any advice.

I don’t exactly know, but to help others, what make/model of mobile device?

iphone 8.

is “device” referring to my phone, I thought it was referring to the Xenon.

Yes, phone. Others have had issues with Samsung devices. This looks like a different issue?!

That sounds like it could be the Xfinity modem/router problem I had - workaround was putting another router in between the xfinity one and the mesh devices.

Fingers crossed that rc-26 sorts that out.


You might be right. I just connected the same Xenon’s to a LTE gateway. That worked fine. So the mesh networked worked with using the Boron LTE, as the gateway. It didn’t work with the Argon. I’ll try what you suggested. Thank you.

Good luck. I think the other router needs to serve DNS - I’m not really up on this enough to know, but I’m currently under the impression that that is what made the other router work.

The Boron LTE as the Xenon gateway was more stable and allowed the Xenons to breathe cyan a lot of the time unlike when the Argon was the gateway which caused all Xenons to flash green 24/7 meaning they had no access directly to the Particle cloud.

I’m connecting the Argon to WIFi via my Note 9 Verizon Hotspot and the Argon breaths cyan 95% of the time when connected.

The Argon I’m using usually has no problem connecting to the cloud, so it’s always breathing cyan. Just when I incorporate a Xenon in the mesh, when using the Argon as a gateway, is when the problem starts. I think it may be my router. The Boron wouldn’t use my home router. I have four Xenon’s connected to the LTE gateway. Everything seems to be working well.

My Argon breathes cyan just fine also, its the Xenons that flash green all day without a cloud connection.

The Boron LTE allowed the Xenons to breathe cyan more of the time more of the time.