Any cloud issues? / xenons all blinking green

I’ve just been trying to set up 3 xenons on my mesh, pairing them with the argon acting as the gateway, as the helping device.

During this process, the Argon did lose it’s wifi credentials and needed to have them set up again, via the mobile app. This has come back online and apears normal in the console. However all the previously attached Xenon’s are blinking rapid green.

The mobile app knows these devices should be part of the mesh. The last time I saw this it did coincide with a Particle Cloud problem, though does say all is fine. Is it just me this time or anything wider?

Any solutions or is it a case of setting up every xenon again?

It was just my problem.

In the course of setting up xenons, the wifi and mesh config was wiped from the argon. That left my mesh without a gateway. The fix was to create a new mesh then set everything up again, moving all the other nodes across.

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Hi @DaveH -

Glad to hear you managed. I was about to ask to check what the status of the Argon was :slight_smile: When Xenon presents some kind of odd behaviour, this is my first check :slight_smile:

Keep innovating!!

Regards, Friedl.

Yeah, that was the problem. It is a shame you can’t have more than one gateway, which would have prevented this problem, but I guess that is one of the issues why they are dropping the mesh.

Ironically I wanted another argon to do some testing with xenons & BLE and the world without mesh and found someone on ebay selling the Argon + 3xXenon kit for cheaper than an Argon new. I didn’t intend to have 3 extra Xenons to add anyway.

Still nice to have a stash of good quality microcontrollers ready for that next project!

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That would be interesting, not sure how it could be done though. Have set up couple of MESH networks back in the day, recall them to be able to have one Gateway only. Then again, things might have changed since then :slight_smile:

I have 10 Xenon’s I bought for a specific project and then only couple of days later it was announced that mesh would be deprecated. So I also have a couple of Xenons to play around with :slight_smile: