Really unstable mesh with Argon and Xenon, blinking green

I got an Argon and three Xenons. Setup went OK and all devices have 1.4.2 firmware and the web-connected-led.ino sample.
The three Xenon were in mesh for while and then Xenon 2 dropped and started blinking cyan. Power cycle did not help, blinking just changed from cyan to green. Only way that I got it back was to do particle update through usb. But only for a while, then it dropped again. After doing few times particle update, dropped and again, it started to also blink three orange in between. From troubleshooting instructions found that you must get new keys. Did that and it helped. For a while. Same thing again and now it has stayed online several minutes (!).
But guess what? Xenon 1 dropped! Power cycle does not help…
Is the quality really so bad? I cannot trust that these run unattended somewhere.

I put new keys to the Xenon 1 too. It connected to mesh. For a while all three were in the mesh. Then I power cycled the Xenon 1. The Xenon 2 dropped again! Blinking cyan. It did come back with power cycle. But in couple of minutes went into blinking again. Power cycle again…now blinking with three orange in between. Arrgh! Spent hours already just trying them to stay in mesh!
Are 3 Xenons just too much for the mesh?
All Xenons are within 1 meter from Argon.

Are 3 Xenons just too much for the mesh?

No - I can run a mesh with 9 devices fine.

All Xenons are within 1 meter from Argon.

I assume that this within a reasonably quiet (WiFi/Bluetooth) environment. Have you fitted external antennas and enabled the external antenna in the program on each device? Signal strength is improved greatly with an antenna (something like a TE connectivity 2118309-X) and it could be that this is your problem.

It might be there is a mis-aligned bootloader version - you could try ensuring that is v1.4.2

Could you share the code running on the Argon and the Xenons? Have you tried just putting Tinker on each one?

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Yes, this is very quiet environment. As I described in my first mail, the code is just the trivial web connected led example. All devices have 1.4.2. The Xenon 1 and 3 remain in mesh regardless where I move them, work fine 20 meters away without external antenna. Anyway, nothing explains why Xenon 2 it starts to blink orange after a while.
Somehow it seems that it corrupts itself.
Does particle update command update all low level SW in the device?

Now I have a situation that Xenon 1 OR Xenon 2 are in mesh and I can switch it by resetting (Xenon 3 has been all the time). Probably the particle update and getting keys just worked because reset was involved.
So if Xenon 2 is not in mesh, I reset it two or three times and it gets into mesh. After little over 30 seconds the Xenon 1 drops off (start blinking fast). I reset it two or three times and it gets into mesh. After little over 30 seconds Xenon 2 drops… I can repeat this endlessly but I never got them both in the mesh than little over 30 seconds. Crazy!
All devices have Tinker and 1.4.2.
Any ideas, anyone?

Now I clarified the blinking colors and edited title and posts accordingly. When it drops off, it blinks cyan. When it is reset or power cycled, it blinks green. Never recovers by itself. After several resets/power cycles it starts breathing cyan.

These problems went away when I updated to 1.4.3. No idea why.

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