Xenons not making Cloud Connection via mesh


Hi All,

Well I got home from Spectra with some new gadgets, Xenons, a partiBadge, and an ethernet feather wing. Very excited, these things will be very cool.

I’ve been having a tough time getting the mesh endpoint to connect to the cloud. I’ve reflashed tinker, used the key doctor, every combination that I can think of, but cannot get them to reliably connect.

Any of them now can connect to cloud (by ethernet) if they are put on the featherwing, and I can control via tinker. Occasionally (maybe once in twenty tries), I can get the endpoint to breath cyan, and be controlled by tinker, but generally not. They get stuck at flashing Cyan. It seems like they go thru all steps except getting a secure connection to the cloud. If I start over and try to add a device again via the particle app, it gets thru all steps then hangs at “Starting a secure session with the Particle Device Cloud via gateway”.

If I do get them to connect, I can flash, control by tinker, etc. via mesh. Once connected they work as expected until you hit reset or pull the power.

End point flash sequence from reset:
Fast flash green -> fast flash cyan with 3 flashes of yellow every 10 seconds.

Any ideas on how to get them to connect regularly?

thx, J


Lucky you, you have some mesh hardware already. I’m waiting for mine to ship.

Maybe Particle is still working out the mesh cloud connection?


I am have a similar problem. I connected mine successfully in the being but then got a blinking green light when using them a couple of days later. After pressing buttons in certain sequences i finally get it to go to the the blinking blue light and went ahead and tried to reset them up but it gets stuck the same way jimbol said above.


Same issue here. Did you ever come up with a solution?


The gen3 firmware is rough on the edges but there’s a lot of improvements done since Spectra!

Hopefully these issues highlighted will be resolved with the newer firmware release.

Stay tuned. :sunglasses:


Well, I found a way I can get them to connect, but I figured I just need to give Particle enough time to really sort it out.

If I can get the endpoints to flash fast green, I can then connect the gateway to Ethernet and they all start working as you would expect.

The gateway has to go thru it’s cloud connection when the endpoint is trying to make its connection for the first time since reset. That may not be exactly what’s happening, but that understanding is enough to get me to fumble thru making the connection.

They do stay connected fairly well now, so that’s a significant improvement.