Xenon blinking green after breathing cyan


I have installed 4 times the same Xenon (reset, new flash, factory reset, etc…) to come back to the initial setup again (blink blue) and went through the setup over the app without much problem to pair the xenon with an existing Argon (breathing Cyan, no issue)

The issue is that after the Xenon pairing, everything work (breathing cyan) for a few minutes, then it starts sinking green, and there is no way to get it connecting again to the internet rather than the whole factory reset and pairing …

Meaning the Xenon is unusable in the current state (just a couple of minutes/seconds working). The firmware I have is hybrid-0.8.0-rc.25-xenon

Anyone with the same experience, and eventually a solution?


Edit: here is a link to my cable router info page. So far never had wifi trouble i could notice with other devices

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@steven_r, yup I experienced that also. I have parked my Argon gateway for now and am using a Xenon/Ethernet shield gateway instead which has been very reliable. There are outstanding issues with the Argon being addressed by Particle in the next release. I have also found that the Boron is more stable as well.

Yes, I have the same experience with two Xenon and one Argon. Also no solution jet.

I’m having the opposite experience with the Argon. The Argon seems to hold it’s connection and all endpoints are breathing cyan and responding. However, the Xenon gateway at my office stops publishing to the cloud even though it is breathing cyan while the endpoints fast blink cyan during the outage.

Thanks for your feedback. I ope someone from Particle will comment/reply on this. Without the 2 Argon I bought, the 7 Xenons I bough along are useless (I don’t have ethernet shel)

A big disappointment after waiting such a long time.


I experience the same flashing green on my Argon and 5 Xenon network. The Argon breathes cyan the whole time and stays connected usually but requires a manual reset I’d the wifi disconnects and then reconnects.

Here too. We’re all in the same boat.

Someone from Particle to help ?

It would be nice to have them directly comment.

But I think there is no fix right now, we just have to wait for them to identify and correct it.

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I wonder if there isn’t some further issue similar to the Xfinity modem/router problem going on here(I’m told it’s an IPv6 issue, but I’m not network savvy enough to understand). It’s very similar to what I had going on before I put another router in between my Xfinity one (Arris is the brand) and my mesh devices. Once I did that, for me it has been pretty solid both thru the Argon (just received yesterday) and thru the Ethernet FeatherWing. I have a 3 unit mesh network running successfully on each gateway.

Are your Xenon’s always breathing cyan?

I just turned off ip6 on my Linksys WRT1900AC router and it didn’t make a difference.

My xenon’s stitll go int fast flashing green mode within a minute or two.

Not mine, they pass thru blinking green quickly and go to breathing cyan. I think they blink fast green - might be fast cyan, if I put them thru the Xfinity router.

So when you do not use your xfinity router you have the correct behaviour - that is good news and hope at least.

Perhaps my router has a similar issue despite it not being xfinity and despite the fact that I disabled ip6.

I’ll find another old router to test…

That’s right. And I didn’t disable anything in the Xfinity one, just put another in between. It has to serve DNS

Seeing this same issue. Definitely not an Xfinity router, but likely using IPV6. The Argon works fine and can be controlled via Tinker, but the associated Xenon completes its initial handshake and never reaches the device cloud again.

So I just did an experiment, I have a working breathing cyan mesh network, using my ethernet featherwing thru my Apple Time Capsule router. This router is connected by ethernet to the Xfinity router, but makes it’s own network, both ethernet and wifi. If I move the Ethernet Featherwing to the xfinity router, I get the fast green flash on the endpoints, but breathing Cyan on the gateway. If I move it back to the Apple TC, it all goes back to breathing cyan and is pingable thru the cloud. So my issue thru the Xfinity sure sounds like what you’re seeing. I suppose it isn’t necessarily just a comcast/xfinity issue.
I don’t know if that’s really helpful to anyone, but it is one more piece of info for you green-flashers.

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Experienced the same issues here.

Apparently, the same discussion is also taking place here:

Hi all – thanks for sharing details of the issues you’re experiencing. Our engineering team is working on identifying fixes, but in the meantime I just wanted to let you know that we’re on it and we’ll get back to you with next steps soon.


There is a known issue with Xfinity routers for which we have already produced a firmware fix for and will release in rc.26 as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.