Trouble Connecting Core

I’ve tried connecting the core with the phone application and manually but so far I’ve only gotten headaches for my effort. The furthest I get is flashing cyan, then I get a flashing green/red and then flashing red. I’ve factory resetted and repeated the process, but the issue occurs again. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


Is this a new core? Sounds like a possible bad keys or the core is unable to connect to the cloud successfully.

We will need to 2.4Ghz a/b/g network with channels 11 and below + WPA/WPA2 network if possible :slight_smile:

I can change the security of my network to WPA/WPA2, but what does a/b/g and the channels mean? The most networking I’ve ever done is hack together a TCP client for a python script. EDIT: And yes, it is a new core.

That’s the settings for the router as well. You might want to look at the Wireless settings and you should be able to notice them :smile:

If you are able to setup a hotspot on your mobile phone, we can quickly test and make sure things work well and isolate the problem to a router setting issue possibility.

Otherwise, we can try to figure out if your router settings are fine! Seems ok since it reached flashing cyan…

I’m on WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK mixed and channel 11. I couldn’t see something that looked like a/b/g and in terms of the Ghz, I could only find some stats on the upstream and downstream channels, but the upstream frequency is 23300000 Hz. Is there any more info I should provide or does this all look good?

Hmm… Can you try a factory reset one more time?

Did you send the wifi credentials via Mobile app? If that’s the case, the core looks like it can communicate with the router.

Once you get to a stage where you are stuck, a quick video of the core light sequence will allow us to help you quickly!

Thanks for sorry for the poor 1st time experience!

There was a ~20 second period of flashing green that I cut from the beginning. Afterwards it just repeats from cyan.

We need a public video :smiley:

My apologies. Fixed.

Awesome! Looks like bad keys indeed :slight_smile: Flashing orange (red/yellow)

Are you on mac or windows? We will need to install Spark-cli to fix this :wink:


Can you try this tutorial :

On running npm install -g spark-cli I got some errors :frowning:

Was the Visual studio tool installed?


for the worst case scenario, can you get Dfu-util working first? :smile:

Ok. I now have spark-cli working, though I haven’t yet set up the OpenSSL filepath. Thank you for your help thus far, by the way.