[SOLVED] Transferring Boron ownership

[SOLVED] Product Manager did not release the SIM, only the device.
We bought a number of Boron devices for internal evaluation. One of these devices was commissioned by a product manager and now we would like to transfer ownership to an engineer.
We had the product manager “release” the product from his console, did a factory reset, and then used the iphone app to re-commission the device.
Everything worked fine until we went to connect the cellular device to the cloud. Upon selecting “ENROLL IN SUBSCRIPTION” we get an ERROR - Request failed: forbidden (403) " pop-up after that the commissioning fails.
Any idea on how to “decommission” the SIM card so that it can be moved to a new account?

@dnk100 can you please post how you solved the problem?

It looks like dnk updated his original post.

Something that isn’t always the most well explained in setup is that the Boron and the embedded MFF2 SIM card are separately registered devices in the Particle console. This comes from the paradigm when we sold SIM cards separately and they were removable from our Electron series of devices.

Although they are embedded and inseparable from our E Series 2G/3G, E Series LTE, Boron 2G/3G (MFF2 only) and Boron LTE (MFF2) only,they still get registered as a separate entity on the SIMs console page. When unclaiming any of these devices, it’s important to ALSO unclaim their respective SIM.

Implementations are on the board to get these acting more as one unit, so unclaiming one would unclaim the other. But for now, it’s a small caveat that needs to be managed when transferring devices.

In this particular setup case, the SIM ICCID is sent during the Boron setup and when it attempts to send and claim an already claimed SIM, it’s going to 403 as we don’t permit claiming of another user’s SIM card.