Boron devices fail to transfer ownership


I have three Boron’s I purchased through a particle recommended vendor. The helped design some hardware. The vendor is listed as a developer in my account. After testing he unclaimed the devices so that I could claim them. This fails in both the CLI and mobile app. In the mobile app the error is:

“Unable to find your mesh device. Make sure the mesh device;s LED is blinking blue and that it’s not connected to any other devices.”

They do blink blue and are connected to the cloud. I am at a loss as to what to do here.

On another note, I was troubleshooting one of the devices and reading other forum posts and I unclaimed one of the SIMs. This seems to be a mistake as that device will no longer connect or allow the sim to be activated. It has blinked green for over 24 hours now. I did try resetting it and flashing the latest firmware with no status changes. The flashes were shown as successful.

Help appreciated.

Are the devices blinking blue or breathing cyan? The devices should not be blinking blue after being unclaimed. They should still be breathing cyan. In order to claim a device, flash code, or for normal operation the device will need to be breathing cyan.

Can you PM me the device ID or serial number of the device that is blinking green? I’ll check the console to see what’s going on.

I suppose they go through their normal startup which looks to be blinking blue then a transition to breathing cyan. I have this on two devices now since I unclaimed the the third.

One is deployed at our customer site, but I do have a picture of its code which works for the mobile app. I have another in my office now that is breathing cyan also, but can’t claim it. I would like to sort out the issues with these two first before going after the deployed one. The deployed one is still posting data though. All three devices show no owner in the particle console, though the unclaimed SIM device no longer shows up at all.

Also, just as an added note, I usually do a local flash, as with the one that blinks green. This shows that it succeeds according to the Particle CLI. For adding via the mobile app the term “blinking blue” is specifically used.

The device that is blinking green is pending activation, which can take up to 12 hours. The request came in about an hour ago so this is still within the normal timeframe.

This is likely the same issue for your other two devices. If you send me those IDs I can check them as well.

I will, does it normally take that long? I did this yesterday morning.

It’s a little unusual.We only received the activation order at 2:42 EST today.

Colleen got me squared away using the Particle CLI to claim the devices. For whatever reason, the mobile app would not do it. I think partially my issues was using the serial number and not the device ID to claim them in the Particle CLI.