Boron Claiming device without SIM Card

Seem to have misplaced the SIM card (cats?).
Have CLI installed,
particle list finds the existing two electrons but not the new boron
I am ordering a new SIM card, but I’d like to get something done this weekend.
I have it connected via USB to my desktop and BORON (COM3) is showing on the control panel. But the boron is not coming up with CLI particle list

Can I claim this device and get something done till I get a new SIM card?

The Boron doesn’t come with a SIM card the Particel SIM is embedded - so it’s rather unlikely you even can lose the SIM :wink:

To setup your Boron you should use the mobile app, add a mesh device, select Boron and follow the instructions from there.

What ScruffR said about the SIM is true. It’s soldered on the board on the Boron.

And, no, you can’t claim any Particle device unless it has cloud access. There’s a cryptographic handshake that’s required over the air, and it can’t be done offline.

You can use a Boron connected by USB only mode, programming by USB and running it with cellular disabled, SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL), however.


I have an empty nano SIM holder. So if what you are saying is true, the On-Board MMF 2 SIM is an actual SIM?

The is an onboard MFF2 SMD Particle SIM soldered to the Boron, as well as an empty nano SIM card holder. You can choose which one to use in software.

There is no if for that :wink:

Thanks for the help. I assumed there was no SIM because it won’t claim and I saw the empty nano. It keeps timing out during the “activating particle sim”.

You can submit a support ticket if the SIM fails to activate. Be sure to include the ICCID and Device ID. You can find them by holding down the MODE button until the status LED blinks dark blue and then using the Particle CLI command:

particle identify

with the Boron connected by USB.

However, in most cases if you wait around 3 hours after the first time you tried to activate it, it will eventually work. But sometimes it takes longer, and support can figure out if there’s something wrong instead of that.

I waited over night. I can handshake using the app on my phone, but it times out during the SIM activation. I think it is flashing BLUE. I have trouble with the Particle colors, I am color blind and honestly, I’m thinking of dropping Particle because of their insistence of using color for troubleshooting. Nobody uses colors exclusively for conveying information.

I think the reason why the RGB LED is used is just simply because there’s so little free real estate on our devices.

You could use the RGB.mirrorto() function to map each of the R, G, and B statii to PWM-capable pins, and use discrete LEDs for each.