System on a module SIM issue? Device can't be claimed

I recently received a B-series LTE M.2 system on a module and an SoM evaluation board.

I haven’t been able to claim it. My phone will pair with it and activate the sim card (or did the first time) before the process fails when the device needs to connect to the particle cloud. It cannot “connect to the internet via cellular” successfully. “Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue.”

Although the process has failed (many times) the SIM card is shown as active in the particle console, and I cannot release it because that process also fails. This is in the UK if that makes a difference.

I love particle products so it’s a bit disappointing that this one can’t be claimed.

The B Series B402 can only be used in the United States, Canada, and Mexico at this time. The built-in Particle SIM is not supported by any carriers in the UK at this time. Since claiming a device requires a working cellular and cloud connection (breathing cyan), you won’t be able to claim. Presumably, the RGB LED is blinking green, which is what would be expected in the UK with the B402 since it cannot connect with any mobile carriers there.

Ah ok. That’s frustrating because I was told explicitly that this wasn’t the case before buying the stuff.

Do you think I can use this device entirely offline? Just for testing compatible boards.

Thanks for your support.

Yes, it can be used offline following the instructions here:

In the future, the B402 may be compatible in more countries, and there may be other models in the B series that have compatibility in more countries, so while the M.2 form-factor is currently limited, it will be more compatible in the future.

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