Setup a Boron LTE in Europe for a US customer

I need to send a Boron LTE to a customer in the US.
I am in Europe and wanting to know, how to claim a Boron LTE to my account, load the code with 3rd Party sim before shipping to the US.
Won’t be able to test unfortunately as we don’t have LTE in Cyprus.

Should I give the customer my account login details so they can go through the process of setup a Boron, then I can take over via webIDE and run OTA update of external sim etc?

It’s the only solution I could come up with.

There are a couple of things here:

  1. You can upgrade Device OS and flash firmware over USB without claiming a device.
  2. You can activate a Particle SIM from even if it can’t connect right now.
  3. If you have a product, you can add the Device ID to your product with the device offline. You can also claim a device to a team member with the device still offline (new, as a of a few months ago). This only works for products.
  4. For non-products, you can just wait until the device comes online, then claim it. You don’t need to be at the device to claim, so you can do it from Europe with the device online in the US. Be sure to save the Device ID as you’ll need that to claim.
  5. What 3rd-party SIM are you using in the US in the Boron LTE? There may be other issues like having to set the MNO profile, and some carriers are not compatible (like Verizon). If at all possible you should use the Particle SIM in the Boron LTE because it will be hard to remotely debug a 3rd-party SIM card.

Thanks for that @rickkas7
The device uses alot of data with Blynk app so 3rd Party sim would be preferable.
Not sure which carriers support LTE and what types of data plans are available.
In Europe we use Surfroam sims with great rates. These work worldwide, just not sure about LTE.

Hi, I would like to know if it is posible to operante with Particle Boron in Spain.

Welcome @iarakis.

Yes, you can use the Boron 2g/3g in Spain.