Boron LTE- support


I am having a boron LTE …Is there any possible way of making it connect to cloud in India


It may be possible with a 3rd-party SIM card and carrier that support LTE Cat M1 or NB1. Note that these are special IoT subsets of LTE, and are not the same as the LTE used by your mobile phone.

The instructions are here:


You are saying that I can’t use my boron LTE India with an LTE sim. Is there any other possible way to overcome this problem?


Apart from getting a Boron that’s supposed to work world wide (2G/3G), I’d say no, that’s also why the Boron LTE is explicitly said to only work in the US



@Loud, as @rickkas7 points out (and supported by @ScruffR), LTE, LTE CAT-M1 and LTE CAT-NBIoT are not the same things and ONLY carriers that support M1 and/or NBIoT will work with the Boron LTE. There is no “trick” to overcome this if the cellular provider is not supporting these services.


Then I should buy a boron 2G/3G.


At this time, the Boron 2G/3G is recommended outside the US.

While it may be technically possible to use a Boron LTE abroad with a third party SIM if your carriers support CAT M1 or NBIoT, the setup flow is clunky, would require a Particle Ethernet Featherwing, and is not officially supported by Particle at this time.


Ok . thanks