Boron LTE in the UK


Now there’s NB-IoT (Vodafone) and CAT-M1 (o2) coverage in the UK, will the Boron LTE work? Assuming you need to populate the Nano 4FF and use a Nano SIM Card rather than the built in SIM?


Any update from Particle with whats happening with LTE in the UK?


Hi Alph.

Through use of a third party SIM in the Boron LTE, both CAT M1 and NB-IoT can be made to work with the Boron LTE. With that said, NB-Iot configurations will need to be enabled as they are disabled by default.

CAT M1 should work with appropriate APN configuration settings.

Particle is still exploring the expansion of our first party CAT M1 network connectivity beyond North America. However, there are no dates set yet as to when we will be exploring CAT M1 LTE in Europe.


Thank you @mstanley