Error While Activating SIM On Boron Particle

While trying to calming the Boron, I get the “Setup has encountered and error and cannot continue” error message. I get this error message when I am trying to activate the particle SIM card.

A bit of history behind this Particle Boron. I had de-activated the SIM on this Particle Boron a while back and today I had accidentally unclaimed this device.

I have checked my device in the and it is indeed not there.

Is there any way I can re-claim it and activate the SIM card?

Hi @n1849778 - I can get this sorted for you. Can you DM me the ICCID of this SIM (or Device ID of the Boron -


Sent you a message there.

Hi @n1849778 - the ICCID you mention is active and it looks like this device has come online recently. If the device is breathing cyan when powered up, please follow the instructions here (Boron/Argon Setup via USB). If the device blinks green for > 5-10 minutes and fails to breathe cyan at any stage, please follow the instructions here (Cellular Connectivity Guide).

HI @marekparticle, it worked.
Thanks for your directions and help.

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