[Solved] New Spark can't connect but two others can

I can’t get my new @RobotsConf Spark Core to connect to Wi-Fi.

I don’t feel like it’s a network issue because I have two other Sparks that are connecting just fine.

I’m using spark-cli. I ran through the usual spark setup. I get the “Awesome. Now we’ll connect!” statement but then it gets to a green blink state and never proceeds.

I can see the other two Sparks in my router’s client list, but the new one never shows up.

I’ve been through the normal troubleshooting, rebooting everything, etc. Am I missing something?


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You can try performing a CC3000 patch using Spark-cli and it should work fine.

Make sure your spark-cli is updated using npm update -g spark-cli

1.) spark flash --usb cc3000

The core will blink magenta and eventually revert to blinking yellow

2.) spark flash --usb tinker

All this is performed in DFU mode :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot. I know how to get to DFU mode on the Spark, but is there something I need on the Mac side?

spark flash --usb cc3000
Apparently I didn’t find a DFU device? util said
Error writing firmware… no dfu device found.

Nope. it should work… What’s the version of your DFU-util?

Well, looks like gnumonks.org is down so I can’t follow the usual “brew install dfu-util”

I tried finding another pkg to install and followed instructions and package available on OpenTX:

It now shows up in my installed software list, but no change. I’m not sure it installed everything in the right place.

Is there a recommended Mac pkg besides what was previously available on gnumonks?

Opps. I think there’s a temp site. Hold on…

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@kennethlimcp thanks! once I got dfu-util and flashed the cc3000/tinker it worked. Much appreciated!


@Dave Maybe this is a good addition to the troubleshooting guide? I found nothing there that would have pointed me in this direction.

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Hmm, maybe it was there and I just missed it?

“6. Try manually re-running the patch programmer to update the CC3000’s firmware over USB. You can find detailed instructions here.”

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