[SOLVED] CLI login?

Hi everyone! this is my first post here. Im very new to sparkcore/particle and coding etc, i have made a my first project from copying one off instructables. how every i came across text notification instruction in youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C7oSeqnxrg&t=8s it look great but when i get to the cmd prompt part, where i try to create the webhook, cmd is asking my to login to the particle cloud! I dont know what this means. Any help woub be appreciated. many thanks, vw.

hello agian everyone, so i had a read through the fourm and one of the post kinda gave me an idea, in cmd prompt i put “particle login” and that worked.

@vwsurfer Glad you got it figured out. Welcome to the Particle community.

Thanks for the welcome!

Hi @harrisonhjones thanks for replying on YouTube. I figured it out and way. But now I don’t get a text to my phone. I beleive I have to verify my account at tropo.

You may have to cut a ticket to Tropo asking them to activate outbound text message.

Also, take a look at Sending SMS for free on Particle with Tropo which is a more recent tutorial on setting this integration up.