Sending SMS for free on Particle with Tropo

I participated in the ArborHacks hackathon in Ann Arbor this weekend and met people from Cisco who were showing how to use Tropo to easily send text messages. The service can also make and receive voice phone calls.

If you’re interested in adding SMS in your next project read my tutorial on how to hook things up with your Photon or Electron.

Sending SMS for free on Particle with Tropo

I feel that the integration is now more straightforward to set up than when @harrisonhjones wrote his tutorial so if you’ve tried Tropo in the past and had issues give it a shot again.


Sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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Perfect! Just in time for a feature in my IoT project :slight_smile:

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@jvanier I’m waiting for my account to be approved, but it’s been easy to setup otherwise.

Could it be just as easy to send an SMS message to a Photon or Electron using this service? Like, send commands to a project using SMS messaging.

If we could get that working, we would have free two-way SMS communication from Photon to Phone and Phone to Photon :

I know Twilio offers similar services also, but I have no idea if it’s as easy to code or not.

Yes Tropo can receive text messages and works with voice calls too. If you can figure out the sequence for receiving an SMS, you can either write a tutorial or send me the steps with screenshots and I’ll add it to the same tutorial with proper attribution.

I think the easiest way would be to make a single Partcle API call from the Tropo script to publish an event and subscribe to it in firmware. You’ll need to figure out how to make a REST call within a Tropo script and publish a private event as described in Don’t bother trying to include the entire Particle JS client in there.