Sending an SMS text message and email

I am new to this community and to Particle. I’m not sure if this is the correct category but it pertains to the Particle Cloud.

I have a Photon board and would like to be able to send an SMS text message to my Android phone via the Particle publish and the Particle Cloud. I have searched and found ways to do it using Twilio, Pushbullet, etc. but those require the 3rd party sign-up, app, etc. I have looked at the new rules engine but that only seems to work with Slack, etc. I have been unable to find a way to have SMS and email sent.

Is there a way to directly use the Particle Cloud without any other 3rd party software or Android app to notify me on my Android phone via email and SMS text messaging? It would be so much nicer if I could manage everything in 1 place (Particle) and not have to set up another place for this (in my opinion).

Thanks for your help!

Your going to need to use a 3rd party service to send a SMS unless you are using a 3rd party SIM that supports SMS messaging.

Search the forum for SMS or text messaging for more info.

Photons don’t support 3rd party SIM :wink:

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I’m not expecting direct SMS support in the Proton device. I would continue to publish to the Particle Cloud. What I was hoping for was a way to get information from the cloud via SMS text message and email vs. having to add a 3rd party to do this like Pushbullet, IFTTT, Twilio, etc. This would be nice.

Anytime you put in another link, something seems to break or hiccup along the way. Plus, if I wanted to help someone else set up one of these, I have to teach them about the Particle configuration AND the 3rd party configuration.

I guess I’m just hoping this might be possible using just Particle Cloud or may be a feature someday. Seems like a reasonable thing to implement.


It’s possible if you use a Electron or Boron with a 3rd party SIM.

Hey Gary! welcome to the community.
Today there is no way to do SMS or email only with the Particle Cloud. You’ll need a 3rd party to implement anything like that, as you and others mentioned.

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@gusgonnet, Thank you for the reply. I hope maybe this can become part of the Particle Cloud someday. It’s always less error-prone (in my opinion) if you have less companies involved.

Thanks again!