IFTTT Deprecation Notice

Thank you all for building cool things with Particle! Unfortunately, as Particle grows we have to reevaluate our integrations so we can maintain quality across the board. As such, Particle is discontinuing IFTTT support, effective the week of Aug 29, 2022.

Particle is committed to an excellent user experience. While you will no longer be able to run your applets through the Particle integration, you can use the Webhook integration to keep your Applets running smoothly with Particle Devices.

Please check out the IFTTT Migration Documentation to learn how to update your applets to the webhook integration. Alternatively, check out how to use Webhooks with Zapier

If you run into any issues, reach out at community.particle.io!

Happy Hacking-


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Hi, long time Particle user here (since you were called Spark!). Your homepage says you are “The IoT Foundation For Industry Titans” - should this deprecation be interpreted as an indication that you no longer supporting makers and individuals? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

@ishotjr, Particle has not dropped IFFT integration, it has simply changed it to using Webhooks. Take a look a the links provided by @Colleen above!


Hey, I’m a maker and individual and I did not feel Particle is no longer supporting my home projects.
What I sense here is this: the IFTTT channel is something that needs money and people to maintain, we have other priorities, we provide an alternative way for those using IFTTT to continue using Particle (we can argue about how easy it is to use the alternative, I do not know), we put the money and people in stuff aligned to our priorities. (“We” means Particle, this is what I sense only, I do not work for Particle).


Hi Ishotjr- Particle still cares deeply about the experience of makers and individuals. Full disclosure, I led the charge for deprecation. Here’s why:

Currently IFTTT promises a response within 1 hour of an applet being triggered for free users.We do not find that acceptable. While there are options for marginally improving the IFTTT experience the financial and time commitments are substantial, and would primarily benefit only those with paid IFTTT accounts. If you wish to keep using IFTTT you still can with their Webhooks integration which provides an overall better experience for the free user. We also have a guide linked above for use with Zapier, which has great options for free users.

If you have any applet that you want to update, I would be happy to help you so they continue working after deprecation.


We (Team Practical Projects) moved from IFTTT a long time ago. IFTTT was quick and handy to deploy. However, the response times were unpredictable and overall unreliable. Additionally, IFTTT gave no support for determining if your Particle device was online when you went to use it. Overall, we found it worth our while to figure out how to avoid IFTTT (and Blynk, for similar reasons) and how to write our own apps for reading cloud variables and calling cloud functions, and how to use Particle pub/sub and webhooks (and Google Apps Scripts) to log to Google sheets and send SMS texts for alarms and alerts. All this can be done with high reliability and very low (< 1 second) latency with the only services required being Particle, Google and (for sms text alerts) your own cellular carrier. We have documented how to do all of this at: GitHub - TeamPracticalProjects/Connectivity_Tools_with_Particle_Devices: Document describing the IoT connectivity tools and techquies that we use with Particle devices.