Webhook calls from IFTTT no longer working

I had changed my IFTTT applets to use webhooks a month ago and they were working fine. I now realize they are no longer working. It appears Particle is not receiving the calls. I’ve been a bit of a casual Particle Forum reader lately. Have I missed something related to webhook calls from IFTTT?

Hey Tom, I haven’t seen anything, but let’s ask @Colleen .

When you say “Particle is not receiving the calls”, IFTTT is calling the Particle API, and then it is failing, is that so? What if you call the Particle API from the command line or something? Maybe the token expired?
(I’m not an IFTTT user).

Hi Gus, Yes, IFTTT says it’s making the calls, but they’re apparently not being received by Particle, as my device is no longer responding to them. I’ll try a command line or service attempt to see what happens. I was just wondering if there’s a limit or if something changed. I had created a token that, supposedly, did not expire, but I’ll check on that, too.

[update] Token Expires at: null

Does the event show up in your event log in the console? That would help isolate the problem as being an API issue or a device communication issue.

Hi @rickkas7, Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to determine a prior update to IFTTT had resulted in an incorrect webhook call. I have that fixed and it appears to be working well. I’m using IFTTT to integrate YoSmart devices with Particle devices. One of the applications is shutting off house water supply if a leak is detected, so it’s very important it works properly!

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


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