Ifttt apps not working with particle 9-8-2021

Anyone else have issues with ifttt and particle working together? Most of my ifttt apps quit working a week ago. Ifttt thinks it is on the particle side. They put a request in with particle to try to find the problem. Ifttt says they had a large drop in particle apps working.

Most of my apps quit working on Sept 1, 2021

Hey @waterwell3 - I’m not aware of any structural issue with IFTTT on Particle’s end. Mind submitting a support ticket (support.particle.io) so we can dig a little deeper?

Yes, al mine quit working on 9/1/2021, too. Submitted support tickets to Particle and IFTTT.

FYI @marekparticle , this thread is similar to this one

Thanks @gusgonnet. @particle7888 is actively looking into this.

Hi folks,

The team is investigating the issue and we should have updates later in the day.

Same issue here. Multiple apps triggering consistently for months, all last worked on Sept 1, 2021.

Hi @ben.langhorst and all, we are investigating and will update you again. Appreciate your patience.

As a temporary solution, I’d recommend recreating your applets using the Webhooks Trigger on IFTTT along with a Particle Webhook. It’s effectively the reverse of using the Particle Trigger on IFTTT but I’ve found it to be more reliable. (You won’t need to change your application firmware on your devices if you use the same event name(s) in the Particle Webhook.)


Hi folks,

Please keep an eye on Particle: Investigating IFTTT Integration Issues for updates.