not appearing on IFTTT

I noticed last night (2022-08-31) that some of my applets stopped working. I looked into it this morning. I tried logging in/out of my service on IFTTT. That is when I noticed that the service does not seem to be visible on the IFTTT platform - see photo. I have reached out to IFTTT.

This was announced, but you can get your integrations to work again over web hooks.


Hi Cameron-

That is not an error, we have ended Particle’s partnership with IFTTT. The deprecation notice @bko linked provides more info. If you need any help updating your applets to use webhooks let me know, I am more than happy to help!

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Hi Colleen,

Thanks. I was able to get the webhooks to work from following the tutorial. After switching to my applets on IFTTT to webhooks, one additional thing I found I had to do was to log out/into by IFTTT account on my phone to get my applets to switch to the webhook.

Thanks again everyone!


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