IFTTT seems to be dead to me

I have an applet that triggers on the publish of an event. It has stopped working. IFTTT cant see my particle publishes.

I have an applet that triggers on the publish of an event. The event contents have the time, but iftt is set to trigger on any data. The that portion of the applet sends a notification back to the IFTTT app for display on the mobile device.
For whatever reason, about a month ago this quit working. IFTTT is no longer able to see any publishes from my particle account for any devices.

In an attempt to fix the issue. I have re authenticated to particle from IFTTT.
That did not fix.
I re-created the applet.
That did not fix.

Any ideas? I’m hesitant to delete my entire ifttt particle integration as it deletes any applets I have created. What a bummer. What changed as my device has been running over a year with good success otherwise.

When using IFTTT I’ve always had better luck using the Webhooks trigger rather than the Particle trigger. This allows me to create a Particle webhook that calls the endpoint on the IFTTT REST API which provides a much faster response than waiting for IFTTT to collect the events.

To implement this you would need to create a new integration on the Particle console and recreate your applets on IFTTT, but you wouldn’t need to change the firmware on your device.