Electron capable of sending SMS messages?

I am receiving my Particle Electron in the mail soon and I figured that I would be able to send/receive SMS messages right off that bat but after reading through the forums I see that I’m going to have to pick up a third party SIM card. Can anyone point me to simple example code of sending a SMS message from the electron to a phone whilst using a third party SIM card?

Have a look :wink:

I am using the Particle SIM and can send SMS messages using Twillio. Probably can receive messages as well, but haven’t tried.

But then it’s not the Electron sending them directly, though I’ll agree that Twilio is most likely the cheaper option :smile:

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I think you’re right in both counts.
Twilio may provide additional functionality as well.

@mpayne10 , You may want to give Twilio a try before moving to a 3rd party SIM.

I will thank you for the feedback!

I have been using Twilio for the past 10 months with an electron application that notifys several of our club members that our RC flying field gate has been left open. Works great… But, today I received an email from Twilio saying that they are dropping their SMS service and getting on with things that Cisco (new owner) wants…


Any idea who to turn to???

David G.

Gaithersburg MD.

Funny, Twilio still comes up in the top 2 or 3 search results from Google. Their SMS page is still active.

I have not tried any alternative but it seems Google shows there are many. The most intriguing of which might be AWS (if you already have an AWS account and integration setup.)

AWS charged $.00645: https://aws.amazon.com/sns/sms-pricing/
EZ Texting has 100 free messages / month: https://www.eztexting.com/pricing
(their other pricing tiers seem high.)

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Arrrgh…I had some synapses misfiring, I meant to type TROPO and Twilio came out!! Sorry.

Here is part of the email I received:

“The wind down of services and support begins now (October 2018) with the removal of all registration functions for new users, and will continue in phases. As a self-service, credit card billing customer, your account will remain active until end of November 30th, 2018. We strongly suggest you transfer any data you would like to retain before this date, such as application code or stored audio files, as once your account is removed this data will no longer be available.”

Sorry again…

David G.

I’m glad you meant someone besides Twilio. You about gave me a heart attack that Twilio was dropping SMS.

Well, since you mentioned Twilio. That’s who I use and it works great.

There’s even a quick way to get started: