SMS send to trigger a publish from electron via Twilio

I am using my Twilio account and phone number, together with a webhook, to send an SMS when my electron publishes an event. Works fine. Now I want to go in reverse; sms to Twilio to particle cloud to show an event that will be seen by the electron via particle.subscribe. I simply want to change a pin state on the electron using the SMS route. Has anyone done anything similar? Any ideas? I’m somewhat new to both Particle and Twilio but a capable general programmer in C++, Python etc…
Thank you for your help, Peter.1

Hi there - in this forum there have been some threads about receiving SMS on Electrons with 3rd party SIM (but IIRC only for 3G Electrons, not the LTE version).

Have a search :wink:

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Hi, thanks for your reply to my post. Yes, I went down that road a few weeks ago with my E series LTE board, even tried sending AT commands directly to the cellular modem. And, yes, it didn’t work and since the SIM is internal I didn’t have the “3 rd party SIM” choice.

Stay safe, Cheers, Peter