Annoying CLI Bug

I was setting up a Photon (actually just changing the Wifi Creds)

Ran particle setup. It then tells me I am logged in, and asks me if I want to use this credentials. Which look fine.

Then this comes:

! PROTIP: There was a network error while connecting to the cloud…
! PROTIP: We need an active internet connection to successfully complete setup.
! PROTIP: Are you currently connected to the internet? Please double-check and try again.

The problem? I did not run particle login first. Seriously people, if the problem is a login issue, dont give such a dumb error! What about “You are not logged in, please login first” Or something like that. Is it so hard?

That took me an hour to resolve!

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Fair point, but less sarcasm would be nice too.

Humans at work not robots :wink:

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