Particle CLI can't see the internet

I’m setting up a module via CLI, but when I try to setup the device I get the following error:

I have detected a P1 connected via USB.
? Would you like to continue with this one? Yes
! The Photon supports secure Wi-Fi setup. We'll try that first.

! PROTIP: Wireless setup of Photons works like a wizard!
! PROTIP: We will automagically change the Wi-Fi network to which your computer is connected.
! PROTIP: You will lose your connection to the internet periodically.

? Found "Photon-XXXX". Would you like to perform setup on this one now? Yes

! PROTIP: You will need to know the password for your Wi-Fi network (if any) to proceed.
! PROTIP: You can press ctrl + C to quit setup at any time.

> Obtained magical secure claim code.

! PROTIP: There was a network error while connecting to the cloud...
! PROTIP: We need an active internet connection to successfully complete setup.
! PROTIP: Are you currently connected to the internet? Please double-check and try again.

Now I know for sure that I have a valid connection and the script should know this as well since it manages to download the “magical secure claim code”. This happens with both particle-cli v1.20.1 and v1.21.0.

Anybody else seen this?

Would you be opposed to using particle serial wifi? I’ve always found that to be much more reliable.

Same thing if I use that, but know what? This must be a Particle Cloud issue? The device just came online after trying “forever”. Using the (now updated and working) mobile app I was able to send the credentials.

After disconnecting from the device, it would start blinking green. Slow at first, but then faster. This is normal.
What happened next is that the device went back to either blue blinks or kept blinking green. That’s not normal.

According to the list of statuses green blinks means “Connecting to local Wi-Fi network”.

As I’m writing this, the same happened again - it lost the connection to Particle Cloud (cyan blinks/fading) and went back to blinking green.

So… I found the problem. I’m sitting in my home office and I always have a good connection from there. Today, my Mac couldn’t connect to the 2.4Ghz network. Shortly after, my Particle device started acting up and blink green.

My only explanation is that there must be some atmospherical phenomena or something today that makes the Wifi signals weaker? If I move closer to the router, the connection is solid… Argh! This is annoying, but I guess that’s just how Wifi works…

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@jenschr, the RF gremlins strike again! Glad this resolved itself. Can you mark your topic as solved now?

I’d love to, but how? :slight_smile: