Photon cannot connect to the cloud

I connecting my Photon over USB using CLI cmd. but it end up with "It’s doesn’t look like your Photon has made it to the cloud yet. The Photon is blinking green. How can i solve this problem?

Did you enter the wifi credentials correctly? Blinking green means attempting to connect to a Wifi network.

having similar issue.

I’ve checked credentials, flashed system-part1-0.4.9-p1.bin and system-part2-0.4.9-p1.bin but I still cannot connect to the cloud. from CLI particle setup it detects the photon via USB but when trying to gather device information it fails.

if i run particle serial wifiafter selectinf the network i want to connect to it stays pending: i am no asked to select security certificate, nor to enter password.

any ideas?

Are you using the latest CLI of v1.11.0? You can check with particle --version and upgrade using npm update -g particle-cli if it is not.

Are you using a Photon as the OP does or are you really on a P1 module?

Dear all, thanks for help. My Photon is breathing cyan and connected cloud already.

Here the steps i used to setup my Photon.

  1. Put device in DFU mode (blinking yellow).
  2. In the CLI, do particle update, after which you place it in DFU mode once more.
  3. Then do particle flash --usb tinker.
  4. Once that is done, put the device in listening mode.
  5. In the CLI, execute particle identify, and copy the ID.
  6. Then do particle serial wifi and follow the steps.
  7. Put the device in listening mode and do particle device add [ID].