Photon is offline after it has already been setup?

I don’t know how to connect my Photon to the WIFI. When I tried the instruction here: and particle setup on particle cli, they both don’t work. However, after I tried the steps I found in this post Photon cannot connect to the cloud, and I do a particle list, it will show that the photon is online. However, every time after I turn off the Photon and turn it back on, it will always be offline. How do I solve this problem?

What firmware are you currently running on your Photon?
Have you tried Safe Mode?
How does it behave in SM?

Put your device in Listening Mode and run particle serial inspect and then post the output here

OK, I have solved this problem now, here are the steps I took:

  1. Hold the setup button to erase all credentials.
  2. Then enter the DFU Mode, <how to enter the DFU Mode can be found here:>
  3. On particle cli, run the command particle update
  4. Enter the DFU Mode again
  5. On particle cli, run particle flash --usb tinker
  6. Now, you can setup the Photon again and do Particle setup again.