Photon Setup shows Photon Offline - tried many things

I have a Photon I have not used in a couple of months. It is plugged into the USB port of my Windows PC. It was flashing green and would not connect to the network. I used dfu-util to flash version 0.4.9 software (flashed with no problem). I held down the setup/mode button until the LED was fast blinking blue to remove any network credentials previously stored. Went to the Particle app on my iPad, put the photon in slow blinking blue/listen mode, set my iPad to the Photon device and can see the Photon connected and an IP set up to the device. But the Particle app continues to show the device Offline. I can’t program proper WiFi credentials into the device.

My other Photon that has been continually running an online application for a year, is properly showing Online, non-Tinker mode and has been running perfectly.

Any ideas? Is there a problem with the Wi-Fi chip on this Photon? What else can I try?

Did you click the little ‘+’ in the top right corner (IOS) to set up a new device? Clicking the device in the list won’t to any good, because, as far as the cloud is concerned, the device is offline.

If you have got it plugged into your PC you can just connect via serial, press “w” and provide the data required “SSID”, “encryption scheme”, “password”.

Perfect. That did the trick !!!

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Which of the two?

I was able to use puTTY to connect to the COM port that the Photon was connected to. Entry of a ‘w’ started a sequence asking for the SSID, security type and password, followed by a restart that ended up with the device connecting to the cloud and starting the last application I had loaded into the device. All is ok now.