Photon Shipping Discussion (cont)

If you have any questions about Photon shipping processes feel free to post here. Specific order questions should go to or be sent to @christine, @kmmonk, or @corey via PM.

i think the big question i have is, have all the kickstarter/pre-orders shipped yet, and when can we expect to see photons in stock via resellers like cpc, sk-pang etc?

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Hey @sej7278. Although there have been delays with fulfillment, the last wave of Photons that are pending manufacturing will be more than enough to cover all existing pre-orders and demand in the foreseeable future. Our goal and expectation is that, after we’ve received the balance of Photons from our contract manufacturers in China, the Photon will never go out of stock or back to pre-order again. Once we’ve received this supply and fulfill all open orders, we’ll start pushing it out to distributors over the next several months. Certainly by October/November, everyone who wants Photons (including distributors, product creators, customers, friends and family) should have more than enough of them :slight_smile:

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Hey there @will , just want to say thanks for the weekly update. I got mine today and the shipping date has not changed. Really appreciate that you send this info out weekly since I can’t get it online.

PS: The Chinese Jambox from Solid is cool. I chuckle every time it talks to me in Mandarin!

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@Bendrix i think you’re replying to the wrong person lol

@will thanks for the update, pretty disappointing that its likely to be oct/nov before i can purchase a photon, i thought it would be this month :frowning:

So all orders that only contains photons from December/January/Black friday has been shipped?
I would have expected more celebrations over that fact, but at least we are close to being able to order and receive in the same month :smile:


I have seen much celebration on the Twitterz tweeted to the Particle account.

PS if you’re one of those people and your order HASN’T shipped, I need to know ASAP so I can go yell at someone. :heart:

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Fixed that,thanks!

Hey @sej7278 to be clear, you’ll still be able to purchase Photons with real time shipping from our online store in a few weeks! So, although it will take some time for our inventory to be distributed to our…distributors…it’ll still be available in our online store.

@will ok, so in a few weeks i’ll be able to order a photon from your store and it will ship straight away, not as a pre-order with some undefined shipping date?

i assume there is no tax on international orders, it just says “pending”? i’m trying to figure out the total cost, looks like < $30…?

Hi @JohnM88 ,

Apologies for the delay, just returned from family holiday :smile:

The Photons arrived on Monday 13th July - so took approximately 6 days to arrive in the UK

Hope that helps!


That’s perfect. Had confirmation of shipping mid week so fingers crossed they will be here by next weekend!


Hello @christine / @will / @vivek ,

I’ve been promised that my photon has shipped multiple times but every time it proved to be wrong. Can someone please check the REAL status of my order (#101766515) and provide a correct update?

I’m tired of writing to hello AT particle DOT io. Why? See below,

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Gmail Mohnish Chaudhary <mohnish82 ATgmail>

Your order from Particle has been shipped! (#101766515)

Mohnish Chaudhary <mohnish82 ATgmail> Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 2:09 PM
To: Particle <hello AT particle DOT io>
Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for checking my order and discovering that the provided tracking number is bad. So, what's the correct tracking number? If my order was supposedly shipped more than a week ago, with only the tracking number being bad, I should have received it by now.

I think my order is still pending shipment. Therefore, can you please consult your team and check the status of my order? And if it is not shipped yet, but was supposed to last week, then please prepare it for immediate shipment and try to provide me a correct tracking number.

Thanks again.


On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 5:31 PM, Particle Support (Stephanie) (Particle) <hello AT particle DOT io> wrote:
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Your request (21319) has received a response.

To continue this dialogue, please reply to this email.

Particle S

Particle Support (Stephanie) (Particle)

Jul 17, 14:31

Hi Mohnish,

First of all, thank you for your patience. We have looked into this order and it seems that there is a problem with the tracking number. I have reached out to our fulfillment company to get a status update on your order but the most likely scenario is that it's already on its way to you. We've been seeing a batch of bad tracking numbers which I know has just added another lump to this delay experience. We're truly sorry for this - we're working hard and we apologize for this whole experience. Trust us when we say we know we need to make some fulfillment changes.

Thanks again for your patience and we hope the experience with your Photon makes up for everything!

Warm Regards,
Stephanie @ Particle

Mohnish Ch

Mohnish Chaudhary

Jul 15, 20:59

5 days since the email with tracking number, but still the tracking number is inactive!

You guys are really poor at procurement and fulfillment. If you know it's gong to be delayed what's the point of these "end of next week", "inactivated tracking number 7 days before"? Try promising a date you can keep for a change.

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 10:32 PM, Particle <hello AT particle DOT io> wrote:

Great news! Your order from Particle is on its way.

Your tracking number is: 801948219100053185. Please note that if you chose ground shipping, your tracking number may take up to 3 business days to activate.

Shipping Address:
Mohnish Chaudhary
**** Breckinridge Dr
Okemos MI *****
United States

When your order arrives, jump on start to get started!

Remember that you can email us at for specific shipping questions or reach out to us at "hello AT particle" with any general questions or concerns. Be sure to check out our community site for any questions, troubleshooting or ideas you may have!

Thanks again!

The Particle Team

This email is a service from Particle. Delivered by Zendesk

Hey @mohnish82,

The real status of your order is the same as what was communicated to you in your support ticket–it has shipped from our warehouses and is currently in the hands of UPS. We’ve become aware of an issue with some of the Mail Innovations tracking numbers provided to us by UPS in which they remain “not active” for an indeterminate amount of time. In our experience with Photon fulfillment so far, the shipments are not lost, and the packages are ultimately delivered.

Since discovering this issue, we’ve started logging and documenting inactive tracking numbers internally and have engaged with UPS to resolve it. In the meantime, we’ve removed the UPS Mail Innovations shipment option in our store until we have a clear resolution of the problem we’re seeing.

I hope that adds a little context to the status of your order.

Finally, I received my photon on Jul 20 evening. (Shipped - 10th; arrived - 20th)


Still no love for me. I can’t fault Particle; I think they’ve done a great job with a difficult situation.

My specific case was that my photon was shipped on 7/15, and was supposedly delivered on Tuesday. The Post Office says they even have a record of it being scanned on Tuesday, but I was home that day and got my mail almost immediately after they delivered it so I’m not sure how that’s possible.

Again, not directed at Particle at all, but I’m really frustrated! I just want to start building again! Back of the line for me, I guess.

@will, will you let me know if for some strange reason it ends up back at your warehouse? I can PM you the tracking number if that helps.

Hey @dome, PM me your tracking number and order number, I’ll take a look.

@christine, done. Thanks for your help!

@christine, the Post Office made a special delivery tonight so they must have found it at the warehouse or hidden between the seats of the delivery vehicle.

Thanks again for your willingness to help even with a problem that was outside of your control.