Photon Shipping Discussion (cont)

That’s wonderful! Thank you so much for your patience, I’m so glad you’re going to get to do your projects finally. I will let the folks in the Minneapolis office know you received it, they were ready to drop a Photon in your mailbox :smile:

@christine, and that’s why you’re one of my favorite tech companies!



newbie to this forum, really keen on getting started with the photon.

if i ordered the photon today, would it be part of the august shipment? if not, how long would the next shipment take?


Hi @noobee. If you order now, it will probably ship out late next week.

The Particle store says Photons are “available for immediate delivery” and that it “Ships immediately”. What does “immediately” actually mean? I’ve placed an order that hasn’t shipped and can’t find any clarification on the site.

Hi @caaarlo! It means that the order begins processing immediately and ships out within 1 business day.

Ok, I ordered 48 hours ago and my order (101913537) still shows unfulfilled. Can you look into this? I was hoping to receive my Photon by the weekend but I guess that won’t happen.

Hi, @caaarlo. Just looked up your order. This is pretty unusual, but we should be able to get it processed ASAP, all we have to do is reach out to our shipping folks. I’ll cc you on an email with all the info!


I’m in a similar situation. I ordered a photon 4 days ago (order #101916261). It also said “ships immediately”, yet the payment hasn’t gone through and there haven’t been any updates. If you could look into this, it would be appreciated. :smile:

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Ordered two last night and was surprised to see payments going through PayPal as pre-approved rather than instant payment.

The two I ordered on Monday still show as processing/unpaid. It’s definitely not immediate delivery as advertised on your website. What’s happening?

@christine or @kmmonk might be able to help out here.

Hey @JumpMaster! PM me your order number and I’ll check it out.

For reference:
Total time from order to photon in my hand was 8 days. It was ordered on August 28. Not a bad turnaround time. This was also with my order getting stuck in the system. If this hadn’t happened, it would have only taken 2-3 days.

Hopefully this will help people understand what to expect. Their order system isn’t perfect, but they’re working hard, and it’s getting better!

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Hi there, we ordered photons and extension board on august 13rd (order #101903557). They shipped on august 20st by DHL to French Guiana. But you had to reroute them back on august 27th because DHL couldn’t handle the shipping of the battery.
You resent the order via UPS on september 1st. But the package is held in Roissy Charles de Gaulle, France facility because UPS says that “Additional documentation is required on the merchandise description.”. I called UPS and they said that I needed to fax them the invoice, which I did 2 days ago. But package is still “Held in Warehouse” and it"s been 8 days that you guys from Particle aren’t answering my support tickets.
Could you please tell me what’s happening with my order? We are desperately waiting for the Photons to start a new project. Thanks!

Hi, @molab. Let me send you a PM about this one.