Photons shipped?

Have folks who preordered the Photon (first batch, and I even got in on the first 1000 for free shipping, received their Photons, or at least an email about them? I haven’t heard or seen anything yet :frowning: And yes, I sent Particle an email but haven’t heard back and I’m an impatient SOB :smile:


They are indeed shipping. We are pretty bogged down in similar emails. Sorry we haven’t responded to yours yet! I got mine in the mail last week and I was also in the first batch.

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There have been a few announcements about delays. I was told an email went out to the order email, but I never got that. On inquiry (it takes a few days for spark customer service to respond to pretty much anything) I learned of the delays. My promised May photons are who knows where,(June sometime last I heard) cause there is no online check my order status capability at Particle.

Those are a couple of easy updates to the CS side of the company that they’ll have to address soon or be inundated with this sort of question.


Sweet, thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

There has been a mail that they're shipping, a (currently) pinned topic on the forum, a blogpost, and I'm pretty sure I saw it come by on social media as well :wink:
Also, the day they charge your credit card is the day they're shipping. That should give you a rough indication when it went out the door.

I'm pretty sure they're working as hard as possible. It's just that with the recent shipments, there is a much greater need of support, and there's only so much that can be done with limited resources.

Yeah, I’m still waiting to hear about mine, too. I keep seeing people in the forums already playing with theirs, and I was also starting to get nervous that my order was lost or something.

Trying to be patient, but it’s not easy when you want your new toys. :wink:

I also have a couple on order. Expected in May, what’s the delay? Please give us a status update.

No doubt they are working hard. Some of that hard work is wasted time responding to emails and forum posts about orders that are out of spec. I had one that was mis-shipped and it took a week and thee emails to tech and two to Zach to find out what happened and get the product correctly shipped. When I asked for current order status, the response was "I'll have to get back to you". 20 years ago a CSR would have that at their fingertips. Today, customer have it at their fingertips via browser based customer accounts.

I'm not saying that the Particle team s not working hard @Moors7, I am saying they need to work on the right project, which is getting a modern customer order status system online. No more emails and posts, all the facts at each person's fingertips.

Just saying... :smile: I think its a helpful suggestion


YES! Just post the status of the shipments, so we know. So each of us does not ask for the status.
I expected to get my Photons in May. My projects were scheduled based on that. A heads up would be great.

I'd rather have them working on the photon, or the web ide, or the firmware, or the electron, or the battery shield, or the webhooks, or porting libraries, or just about anything other than a "Customer Order Status System".



I agree, they should not be having to answer 100 emails a day asking where their Photon is. Just one entry a day to the forum that explains the shiping status would save Particle a lot of time.

It’s like driving a car with a bunch of kids in it. At the start you say:“it’s going to take about 8 hours, but I’ll let you know when we get close”. Even though they know they’ll be notified when it’s time to get excited, there’s always those asking:“are we there yet? How long is it going to take?”. If they just wait, they’ll see a landmark from which they can deduce how long there’s left, approximately.
Move that scenario over to:“all devices will be shipped before the end of June, we’re shipping by order number, and we’ll charge your card on the day they’re ready to leave”, and you’ve got yourself a nice analogy :wink:
Personally, I’m more than happy to just patiently wait if that means they’ve got more time left to do some actually useful things. It’s not that I don’t want my photons, it’s just the fact that it won’t speed it up in any way if I ask about if every other day.

In hindsight, this whole “car-ride” comparison might not have been the best. I fully understand that delays are unpleasant, and I don’t blame you for not liking it. The point I was trying to get across, as is said above, was that it wont be sped up if they have to spend time on repeated “where is it?” questions.
Disclaimer: I do not work for Particle, nor do I get paid by them. Me being on this forum is completely out of my own free will. In that regard, I do not speak on behalf of Particle, unless explicitly stated. My posts are my personal experiences and/or opinions, and Particle can, and should, not be held accountable for them.
Finally, please understand no offence was meant in any way. Again, this is/was my personal opinion. That said, I agree it could’ve been worded more carefully. My apologies it this is seen as offensive, since it wasn’t intended that way.

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I’m not really on board with that analogy, as the estimated travel time rarely doubles during the trip.

The Particle people have been professional and helpful when I’ve communicated with them. But the bottom line is I ordered my Photon in December, promised March, I believe. Then the promise changed to May, then late May, now sometime in June (I hope?). After a while the bottom line is all that matters.

In my case I had planned on doing some electronics projects with my kids this summer. I designed some ideas around a WiFi connected device and we were all excited about it. Now as this drags on, half the summer, it appears, will be gone before I get my Photon. Having a concrete idea when my Photon will ship is what I need. Like a day, or at least a week.


I’m sure the team is working hard to get Photons in to everyone’s hands! The batch has already started shipping and hopefully your notification email comes soon :smile:

I ordered a Photon, within 30 mins of the announcement in Nov’14.
PayPal was charged $29 on 26th May (1 week ago).

Apparently, the charge was made in error, as there was no stock remaining at the time. The latest update I have seen is that the next batch will be received on/after June 6th and will begin shipping out after that date. I have also seen recent updates that say that all Photons will be shipped before the end of June.

However, the only relevant information to go by, is official updates…

… I have made some suggestions to the ‘sales dept’ directly and in the meantime I have re-adjusted my own expectations for getting a photon delivered (from May) to late June/mid-July. In the meantime, no shortage of other projects to work on :smile:

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I ordered my 2 on Dec 1st as part of a core/photon package.

I have been fully paid since then.

I have yet to receive the photons.

When I contacted them last week about the order.

They said they sent an email informing me of the schedule recently.

No email received not in my spam folder either. I do not delete emails from my account.

Anyways they say I will get them sometime in June. I found a thread where someone says they got their photons about a week ago that they ordered them in Jan or Feb. Kind of burns my A–.

I didn’t mean to start a bitch about Particle thread :disappointed: For other people interested, I just got an email late yesterday saying my CC had been charged and it should be shipping out soon.

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Out of curiosity. Approximately when did you order it?

Nov. 12th. I was in the first 1000 w/ free shipping.

Hey all - Just wanted to chime in here and first of all apologize for any overall communication lapses. We definitely could have done better and we’re working on it for future production runs. That said, we’re super excited to be shipping now and we’ll continue to be in shipping mode the next few weeks. I should note that anyone who has received their Photon “out of turn” has received a Photon Kit. Far fewer people ordered those than matchbox Photons so a smaller number of Kits has stretched further than expected. Thanks for waiting folks - it will be worth it!

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