Issues with my order

Trying to figure out what is going on and have yet to hear back. I placed an order for a kit and a photon (both preorders). It stated that payment was only charged when it was ready to ship and I got an email saying it was processed and I would get shipping info within 2 days. Have yet to receive anything but the payment has been charged and have not had any reply back to my email to support.

Just trying to figure out what is going on now that they have my money.

Hi there,

I’m sorry that’s happening! Let me check with my shipping team and figure out what’s going on with your order. I apologize again for this happening.


Same here, got charged 2weeks ago and no photons yet :frowning:

If you can send a request into, that’s the easiest way to get into the system. You can tell me your order number and all that in there.

Thanks everyone! Sorry for all the delays here, we’re getting the orders out as quickly as we can.

I’m in the same position. Emailed with the order number (Order #101837598) at the weekend so am just waiting for an official response.

I have, but no response

Hi @JohnM88,

At the moment, there are a few hundred emails that I’m working through, so I apologize for the delay with it, but I should be getting to it in the next day or so. Just keep being patient with me and I’ll get to it soon.

For anyone else that is in the position, please email and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through these order.

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Hello Particle Team.

I’m posting here since after emailing hello@particle.ioI still have no response.

-I order back un January (1/28/15)
-My paypal account has been changed 2 weeks ago! (7/03/15)
-Receive an email about 7/10 shipping date, (but no tracking number or email after)
-No photons in my door steps yet :frowning:
-I previously email but no response yet

Here are the details:
Order #101744564
Order #101705046

Can you please IM with information about my order and shipping information.


@kmmonk can you check my order please, and IM me about it… thanks!

PLEASE, give the man some time to respond. He’s only human. I don’t know about you, but most people need sleep. Other than that, there are several hundred mails that have to be answered. I don’t really see why you should be prioritised over someone else, so please stop ‘spamming’ the forum with the same request repeatedly. He’s working as hard as he can to answer each and every one of those mails as quickly as humanly possible.
I know it’s frustrating to have to wait, but if he repeatedly has to stop his work, you’ll only slow him down, rather than speed him up.
Thanks in advance!


Thanks @Moors7 :slight_smile:

@shuidobro I have replied to all 5 of your open tickets in my queue and I’ve also sent you a PM about it on here. I’ve sent requests to my shipping team, so when I hear back from them, I’ll update you ASAP. Until then, I can’t really do much besides wait like you are. I understand that it’s frustrating to be in the dark and I apologize for that. We’re working very hard to make sure all orders go out ASAP, just have patience with us and it’ll go smooth :slight_smile:


@kmmonk yes you have and I thank for that!!! :smiley:

@Moors7 your comment are out of order… You ignore the details of my orders & Is not going in front of the line… is about getting information of my order.

I understand that you want information, but so do others. After sending 5 emails, there wasn’t really a need for asking this on the forums, on multiple locations, other than hoping to get a quick answer, effectively jumping to the top of the queue.
Regardless, your questions have hopefully been answered, thus making further discussion pointless. Hopefully you receive your order soon, then the fun can begin :)!

“on contraire mon frere” the autoreply from emailing, suggest going to the forum for answers… just what i did. I know you might not like people asking about this

But I agree hope to get the PH soon so the fun can start



Unlike the others, I did receive an email with a tracking number but that tracking number is bogus. I tried it both with UPS and USPS and neither can find it. I also checked with, as suggested, UPS Innovations as they might be shipping it… that site (which is just UPS) says that if the tracking number doesn’t show within 3 days, to contact the shipper again.

I contacted Particle 2 times and still haven’t heard back. :frowning:

Not good. Not good at all.

hey guys, I understand the frustration here and I’m sorry for the issues, but please be patient with us. our logistics partner is having a lot of trouble with the volume of the orders, we’re working with them to get everything sorted but we’re also overwhelmed with emails at the moment. Please be patient with us, we’re a small team handling a very large quantity of orders all at once, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able.

Don’t worry, YOU WILL GET YOUR STUFF! :slight_smile:


@EricBrian I too had the bogus tracking number in the email. I replied to Particle but have yet to hear from them - I can appreciate how busy they are. But, last night my Photon arrived from USPS and I successfully claimed it (although not painlessly). So keep checking your mailbox.



“For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

remember… DON’T PANIC :stuck_out_tongue:

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Funny how things go: I read your response. RIGHT AFTER that, the postman knocked on my door and delivered the photons. :smile: You, Sir, are my new talisman! :slight_smile: