Customs problem with Photons!


I sent an email to and regarding customs issues with my Photon shipments. A switch to UPS instead of USPS has created problems. Are these email addresses checked regularly? Since this is time sensitive, I thought I’d check here to get some help and see if anyone else is experiencing some of the same issues.

Hi @polkaroo,

Yes we check both of those accounts very frequently. We try to get back to people as quickly as we can, but sometimes it can take a little while. I forwarded this thread to the team so someone should be on the look out for your email.


Thanks @Dave. I sent you a message with the email address I used to report the problem.

@polkaroo thanks for the query, and thanks for your patience as we work through our queue! @Dave sent your info to me and I will respond to you via our helpdesk. Message coming soon!

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You guys are great! I’m glad that I’ve continued to support your product and platform. Thanks for resolving my issue!