No reply received to email sent to on May 20 [Resolved]

Can someone please reply to my email sent to on May 20?


I’ve passed it on to the lovely folks at Particle. They should normally respond shortly (taking in mind the time zone differences).

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Thanks, @Moors7 :smile:

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Had same issue :frowning:
I sent an email on friday and one yesterday no answer :frowning:

@Blunk & @askar sorry to hear that!

But I recently had a message that a considerable portion of the :spark: Particle team are traveling and although I’m not aware of the US bank holidays, but here in Europe we’ve had Monday off and schools are off (parts of) this week too and these folks do need their weekends too.

So please be patient, they do their best - and will get back to you.
@Moors7 has pinged them already, so let’s see what happens, but we will keep an eye open for you too - promise :+1:

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Hmm, that’s weird! looking into this now.

I’ve heard back from our Sales team, and they’ve indicated that they received / replied to this email. Thanks!


Thanks for the ping :smile:
No mail on my inbox or spam… probably they did’t answer yet, hope to hear from them.

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Thanks, I got reply. :wink:

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I did not :frowning:

Depending on who you sent it to, there may, or may not, be a huge backlog. If it’s REALLY urgent, you can PM me, and I could perhaps ask about it. If not, I’m sure you’ll get a response as soon as they’ve got the time to write one :wink:

I just sent an email in the chat with us in the store. Is about buying a pair of Photons, when would they arrive since I am traveling to the states.

That’ll probably end up with the same people, thus landing even further on the backlog :sweat_smile:
The first batch of photons is shipping, and many people have already received them. They could come in at any moment. All pre-order photons should be shipped by the end of June. They’re shipping by order number, if that’s any help.

I was contacting because I will be in USA only a certain period of time and I was wondering If we can schedule the shipment somehow :smile: