Photos Not Shipped yet

Hello Particle Team.

I’m posting here since after emailing hello@particle.ioI still have no response.

-I order back un January (1/28/15)
-My paypal account has been changed 2 weeks ago! (7/03/15)
-Receive an email about 7/10 shipping date, (but no tracking number or email after)
-No photons in my door steps yet :frowning:
-I previously email but no response yet

Here are the details:
Order #101744564
Order #101705046

Can you please IM with information about my order and shipping information.


I moved a post to an existing topic: Order charged but never shipped; 101872499

There are a lot of mails that have to be answered. Although they sometimes work like robots, the team at particle is still human. There’s only so little they can do in the time that they have. Please give them time to work through the requests. Opening new topics to get attention is unnecessary, they’ll get to you in due time.

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