Sales Not Responding

I am disappointed that my first post here is a complaint.

Along with a colleague I have been trying to get a start up off the ground. After some research we found particle and it looks like the right platform. The website leads one to believe they will help with some of the design features and want you to have thousands or more devices in the field.

How is this possible if no one will respond to any sales requests? We have been waiting for a month now with no response. My partner filled out the sales form and nothing. He did get a small conversation with someone from particle asking about why he had not logged back in and after telling this individual about our issues he told us to contact sales through the particle website…which we already did. Then he went silent.

I know you make devices because I have a few, but I can’t see how this is functional or intended to be implemented on an industrial level. It looks like a pay to play scheme for support, and we are fine with that, but no one will even start a conversation to take our money.

Can anyone get this moving along?

Hey - can you send over your contact information?

Sorry for the poor experience, I’ll get in touch with our team once I have your email.

I believe I sent it as a direct message.

Hello Marek,

Unfortunately, our experience is still very poor. We’ve been trying to get in touch with someone at Particle to understand what we need to move forward. I contacted the Sales Team through the webform on May 17th. No response. My colleague has provided his email address through a direct message, but he has not heard back.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

HI @sinanlacin -

Sorry to hear this, normally they are very quick to respond. I can assure you that your research was spot on, Particle is indeed a great solution.

You also have the option to post some questions in this forum. Sure it might not be and official sales person responding but there are many people here that have years of experiencing building with Particle. I am sure they, including myself if I am able to, will be more than happy assist you.

Kind Regards


perhaps @schaud can help here?

@sinanlacin @roundup976 hi and welcome to the community!
It seems like it didn’t start well.

What @friedl_1977 mentioned still stands true, if you wanted you can post your idea (or parts of it, what you feel comfortable asking in the open). This way other community members could tell you their experiences or opinions.
Of course, this is not possible sometimes, so I understand why you wouldn’t do that.


Thanks @gusgonnet ! @sinanlacin @roundup976 - I believe someone reached out yesterday to you. Let me know if that wasn’t the case.


@schaud you are correct. I haven’t been back on here in a few days, but we are finally in contact with the people who can help.

There was apparently an issue with the sales routing and our request never got processed.

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Thank you Everyone for your responses. We are in contact with the Sales Team. We appreciate your responsiveness in the forum.